jeri goodkin dausey

It was not too long ago that a young woman entering the workforce generally gravitated toward the proverbial “pink collar” professions and became teachers, nurses and receptionists. Today, the sky is the limit! Whether one dreams of piloting a cruise ship or constructing a building, women can succeed in any industry. This is exactly how Jeri Goodkin Dausey molded her career. Well-known and respected within the construction and compliance industries, she is continually furthering her education and is updated on all of the industry standards and laws.

”I started in the construction industry when I was about eight. My father, who is no longer with us, was a contractor/developer and would take me to all of his jobsites. I absorbed everything and to this day he would tell you that he never thought I was paying attention. He is my true mentor, and it is because of him that I maintained the family tradition within the construction industry by becoming a fourth-generation general contractor on both sides of my family.” 

 Jeri has over thirty years of experience in the construction industry as a 4th generation contractor. She has several State of Florida licenses and certification within the construction and real estate industry, including Certified General Contractor and Certified Building Inspector. Before entering the private sector, she was Senior Building Inspector with the City of Miami Beach Building Department for about ten years. During this time, she was responsible for implementing the violation and special master program. Her years of extensive education and experience combined with her multifaceted background make Jeri a unique asset who offers an array of expertise that is truly admirable regardless of gender!  

“I think that as a woman I do bring a different perspective to the job, having the various licenses and certifications, and a degree in Interior Design, I think that my diverse background is a major asset to my clients.”